Frequently Asked Questions – Pricing

What will you charge for preparing my tax return?

Every tax return is different, and as such, I price each one differently. Pricing for tax returns that I prepare starts at $350 per return. The price of your tax return will be determined and agreed upon before I begin working on it, and will include the federal return, all applicable state returns, all appropriate supplemental forms, and electronic filing.

How will you determine the price of my tax return?

In order to determine the price for preparing your tax return, I’ll review a copy of your most recently filed return. I’ll also have a conversation with you to discuss your income tax position for the year(s) in question. Once the price is determined, we will formally agree to the price and the scope of my work in writing via an Engagement Letter.

After the price is determined and agreed upon, can it change?

Like in many other industries, with income tax preparation, things don’t always go according to plan. While preparing your tax return, if I encounter significant unexpected costs, time requirements, and/or liability as a result of information that was not available to me at the time of initially determining a price, the price of your tax return may increase. Any potential price increase will be communicated to you as soon as I’m aware of it. In the event of a potential price increase, no additional work will be performed on your tax return until the price increase is agreed upon via an amendment to the Engagement Letter.

Will you charge any additional fees?

Not under most circumstances. However, I operate a paper-free business. If you choose not to utilize the Client Portal feature for document transmission and electronic signature, or if you require paper handling of any kind, a fee of at least $50 may be added to your invoice.

What if I receive a tax notice? What will you charge for handling that?

If you receive an income tax notice from either the IRS or your state/local tax department that requires a response, and the notice is a result of a mistake I made in preparing your tax return, I will handle the response and any additional correspondence free of charge. If the notice relates to a tax return that I didn’t prepare, or if the notice is a result of information that was not available to me at the time of preparing your tax return, the price of me handling the response and any additional correspondence may be at least $150.